Thursday, March 22, 2012

(almost) 6 months!

So we got to thinking and realized there are few moments in our pregnancy left where we would have someone free to take pictures of us. We already had a trip planned to visit my parents up in Denton, Texas, so we had an impromptu photo sesh. By the end, me and the husband just started acting goofy as we tried to think of ways to pose. We really just wanted one good photo to hang in baby Rowan's room. Here are some of the photographs we ended up with!


xoxo, leigh

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some exciting old news!

Douglas and I are expecting a little baby boy in June! This picture was taken about a month ago, so the bump has grown a little since then. We are both so excited!!! I just started registering for baby goodies and it is SO hard not to start buying everything myself.

He kicks and twists and turns and hiccups all the time to remind me he is still in there. I think he is going to take after his mama in wanting to be the center of attention and having too much energy for any one person to handle.... what comes around, goes around.

So here are the stories of how we find out we were preggers and that we were being blessed with a baby boy...

About a month or so after our wedding, Douglas and I were hanging out at the apartment and I, literally out of no where, burst into tears. Husband immediately grew concerned and asked me what was wrong. AND (i kid you not) in my head I was feeling like an idiot because literally nothing was wrong. So I made something up and blurted out "I think I might me pregnant." Well if you ever want to freak out husband, those are the words you should say! He begged me to immediately take a pregnancy test. I kept telling him no, that I didn't need to, because in  my head I didn't really think I was pregnant. Sure enough a pregnancy test and a few long minutes later... I saw the words pregnant flashing across a screen. Now the normal first thing to do would be to open the bathroom door and hug husband. Not me. I had just been sobbing my eyes out, so naturally I ran to the mirror and put on some make up, then ran to the closet and threw on a sun dress, so that when I told him I would looking like a glowing pregnant wife.... I am so vain. Either way, our entire world changed that day and we think about things so much differently now as we are preparing to be parents. I wouldn't change a thing though.

Now, husband was rooting for a boy and I didn't care either way. So naturally, the day we were going to find out the sex, I was pretty calm and husband was acting like he had ants in his pants! I love him. When we got into the room though, my heart started racing in anticipation. Then a few minutes later the sonographer said, "You see that there? That means you're having a boy!" Doug looked like he was about to freak out and jump out the window, but of course he had to act cool and collected until we were alone. I was on the verge of tears but wanted to see the rest of baby boy, so I resisted the urge. I was definitely a magical day for the three of us. A day I will never forget.