Sunday, July 3, 2011

day one

This is officially my first attempt at a blog...ever. I have followed blogs for years and pretty near vowed to never start one. Why the change of heart? Well, as I am growing older, I am realizing that I am constantly moving from here to there. I gave it some thought (a.k.a. I was reading another blog and decided in 5 minutes) and figured this would be a good way to keep in touch.

About me... My name is Leigh and I was born and raised in Texas. I am a recent (within the last year and a half) college grad. I am scheduled to be hitched in exactly 2 months from today and will be marrying the oh-so-incredible Doug. While we did travel all the way to Ohio to go to college and then to Austria for a study abroad program (where we met), he was also born and raised in Texas (6 hours south of me). Post marriage, our next adventure will be to settle down in the ever famous capital of Texas, Austin. Wish us luck!

My plan... post collected snap shots and share special stories. Enjoy!

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