Monday, August 29, 2011

wedding week!!

So me and the Mr. wonderful are getting married this week. I am a mix of many emotions. There is obviously the excitement of it all but there is sort of a sense of wonder. I am so curious about what I will feel on the day of and I am even more curious about what it will be like to be married. I have never lived with a man besides my easy going dad and my little brother (by little I mean he is 21). 

I expected there to be more chaos in my house but I am surprisingly calm for someone whose whole life is about to change. I won't get to see Doug until Wednesday, but he seems to be handling it all pretty well too. He has been texting me all day pictures of our apartment. He is so sweet to me. He has been cleaning and straightening up all day. What a man!

Doug and Me at one of the many awesome showers thrown for us!!


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