Monday, October 31, 2011

Costa Rican Style

Happy Halloween! I know this is a little behind, but...

Two months ago Doug and I enjoyed honeymoon bliss in Costa Rica. Neither of us wanted to leave because it was so beautiful!! Take a gander at some of its beauty.

This was one of the views from the resort. Over this hill was the beach.

This is where we ate breakfast everyday. It overlooked the pools at the resort!!

Our resort!

My only wish is that we would have worked harder to take a picture together. It is so hard to get a picture when there is only two of you on the trip! Most of the ones with the both of us are the awkward angle shots with one person's arm extended. Better luck next trip!

xoxo, Leigh


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  2. i love that you started this blog!!! costa rica is gorggg... xoxo

  3. Obsessed with your blog! You're a babe!