Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Married Christmas

So this was our first Christmas together. It started the weekend before Christmas when we got to celebrate with Doug's family. I had a blast making delicious and gooey Christmas cookies in the kitchen with his mom! Then we headed North.... well North Texas, for Christmas. My family has always celebrated on Christmas Eve, a tradition I got to introduce to Douglas. We are still working out a compromise for how we will celebrate with our future children.  We are thinking presents Christmas Eve and Santa presents Christmas morning. But I guess that's the funny thing about traditions, they sort of just happen and they are not always planned.  So only time will tell I suppose!

I was lazy about taking photos this Christmas, so I will have to steal from my mom and see if I can post any from our Holiday weekend. Me and the husband are headed to Katy, Texas for New Years Eve. I VOW to take pictures this weekend!


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